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Pushed out of the inner city by rising costs and economic development, minority families increasingly settle in outer Portland and Gresham. “HOLLA” chronicles the organization of the same name, founded by Pastor Eric Knox to mentor kids of color in predominantly white and white-taught schools.

The film explores the lives of three young women on the HOLLA basketball team, as mentorship subtly transforms their experience. Through tough love and tenderness the kids learn to hurdle obstacles and adversity in a system biased against them.

Featuring straight talk from notable intellectuals Robert Munoz (Portland State University) and Diane Watson (Lewis & Clark College), as well as raw testimonials from mentors and mentees, “HOLLA” is an informative, humorous, and heartbreaking look at the issues that face our city and our nation, as we struggle to fulfill the promise of integration and equal opportunity.



Saturday, November 21