H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival® & Cthulhucon 2018 Saturday

Events 10 am - 11 pm. Films & Events 1-5 pm, 7-11 pm.

Join us on Saturday for an extended live performance by the Lovecraftian metal/darkwave idol band, Necronomidol! The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society will perform THE SHADOW OVER INNSMOUTH, a 1930s style Radio Play LIVE on the main stage! Enjoy 40+ independent short and feature films from around the world, hours of panel discussions, author readings, live events, and special guests. We are joined by Guest of Honor Chiaki J. Konaka (Marebito, Ultraman), Richard Stanley (Hardware), Musical Guest Necronomidol, authors Cody Goodfellow, Kenneth Hite, Adam Scott Glancy, Wilum Pugmire; artists Heather Hudson, Dave Correia, Liv Rainey-Smith, Nick Gucker, and many more.

Saturday Only tickets are $35 before Oct 1, $38 after and at the door. Please check the HPLFF Website for more information on guests, programming, special events, vendors, travel, and venues. http://hplfilmfestival.com/hplfilmfestival-portland-or