Series: POW Film Fest

Linar { 82 MIN / Russian Federation } DIR: Nastia Tarasova
Linar doesn't have a heart. The boy can't grow up without it. Linar embarks on a journey to another country in search of a heart. It is a long and gradual initiation ceremony for a boy to wait for the heart transplantation and to get accustomed to a new organ. One by one his guardians accompany Linar from death to adult life. In two years Linar comes back to his huge Motherland, where hundreds of children are waiting for new hearts. | Produce Irina Shatalova in Attendance

The Apothecary { 18 MIN / USA } DIR: Helen Hood Scheer
A cinema verite documentary short film about Don Colcord, the beloved druggist in a remote Colorado outpost; his pharmacy is the only one within 4,000 square miles. Don navigates a profound divide between his public persona and his personal life. To the community in this former mining region, he is jovial and almost heroic; at home, on the other hand, he is impotent and isolated as a result of his wife's long-term disability. Thematically, The Apothecary explores notions of individual duty and obligation in the face of privately held grief and ambivalence.

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Sunday, March 9