Low Budget Film Noir Night

Repressed Cinema presents LOW BUDGET FILM NOIR NIGHT. Featuring a 16mm print of Ed Wood Jr’s Jailbait + a 16mm 50's TV noir surprise!

Jailbait (1954) Ed Wood Jr. brings us a dreamlike story of a crime gone wrong, and it’s repurcussions, in this film noir on a shoe string budget.  A gangster and a young man pull a heist but soon find themselves on the run. The gangster then blackmails the young man’s father to aide him with escaping the law. Full of bizzare surprises, “Jailbait” was the first film of Steve Reeves and features Wood’s then girlfriend, Delores Fuller. Do not miss the Flamenco guitar soundtrack stolen from “The Mesa of Lost Women” and the patented Ed Wood style dialogue.

Before the feature there will be two preshow items: an extremely rare surprise 1950's film noir tv episode and, a segment from Portland’s own Bob Moricz: “Overdose in the Hospital of Love”.


Wednesday, July 16