MMU Crash Course: Kids on Bikes Can do Anything

Series: Movie Madness University

The trope of all tropes: Kids on bikes! A group of lovable misfits on Flyer bikes sets off for adventure and finds themselves confronting evil lurking in their neighborhood that the responsible adults have chosen to ignore—all while growing up, fighting monsters, and riding bikes to a sweet soundtrack with friends! Our month-long MMU series Kids On Bikes Can Do Anything will present key films in the “kids on bikes” genre while exploring how this trope began and how it has evolved since the 1980s.

Email with “Kids on bikes class titles” in the subject line for a full list of titles.

MMU Crash Course classes offer a low-intensity way to explore a filmmaker or genre, in a friendly environment shared with fellow film lovers. Unlike our MMU 101 seminars, which include a lecture and class discussion, these Crash Courses offer a more casual approach: Films are curated and presented by staff experts, but there’s no formal lecture or discussion. You’ll also receive some “homework”—suggested reading and other films to find related to the topic (all optional, of course!).

Movies will be screened at the Movie Madness Miniplex (4320 SE Belmont). Classes will be held Wednesdays in February at 7:00pm. Proof of vaccination and masks are required for all students and instructors. This class will be led by Movie Madness staffer Cole Sorensen.