Mortal Kombat

Series: B-Movie Bingo

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In the dark and foreboding realm of the Outworld the world's greatest warriors must survive the supreme battle between ultimate good and absolute evil.

Led by the sorcerer Shang Tsung the evil Shokan Prince Goro has been Kombat champion for nine generations. If he triumphs for a tenth time the portals of Earth will be opened and the desolation and despair that has flourished in the Outerworld will reign over the Earth for Eternity.

Guided by the mighty thunder god Rayden (Christopher Lambert, HIGHLANDER), three humans must delve deep within their souls to discover the power they need to conquer a host of insurmountable games and vanquish their diabolical superhuman enemy.

Mortal Kombat is just not a battle to the death... It is the final battle for life. Directed by Paul W. S. Anderson.

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