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My Own Private Miniplex

Even though the store is temporarily closed, the Movie Madness Miniplex is available for your private gathering!

Our state-of-the-art screening room inside Movie Madness features laser projection, Dolby Atmos surround sound in a comfortable, air-conditioned, movie-theater-quality space. The Miniplex is a great choice for a movie night out for your shelter-in-place party of 5! Choose a date/time and the film you'd like to watch from the Movie Madness archive of over 80,000 titles.


$150 for All Members, $200 General Admission


● Each private screening will accommodate a maximum of five people who have been sheltering together.

● As required by the Oregon Health Authority, participants must provide their full names and contact information before the screening begins and sign a liability waiver.

● All participants must wear masks while in the general retail area of Movie Madness, bathrooms, and while in transit to their Miniplex seats.

● Movie Madness will do its best to secure the applicant’s top choice of film in the highest quality format available (4K, Blu-ray, etc.) and will contact the applicant prior to finalizing the event if this is not possible.

● Movie Madness will clean and sanitize all points of contact and all bathroom surfaces between screenings and all staff members present at each screening will abide by the safety protocols recommended by the Oregon Health Authority.

● Concessions will not be available for purchase at Movie Madness, but outside food is allowed inside the Miniplex (alcoholic beverages are not permitted).

● We reserve the right to cancel the event if total participant count is more than five or participants are observed to be violating safety protocol.



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