Narcissister Organ Player

Series: Feminist March

This is part of Feminist March 2019

In partnership with the Hollywood Theatre’s Feminist March programming, the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA) is proud to co-present the new documentary NARCISSISTER ORGAN PLAYER, showcasing one of the world’s most acclaimed mixed-media and performance artists and her rich and multi-layered explorations of gender, racial identity, and sexuality.

Directed by the masked and merkin-clad artist herself, NARCISSISTER ORGAN PLAYER deconstructs her celebrated stage shows combining dance, elaborate costumes, pop music hits, unabashed eroticism, and heavy doses of humor. This doc goes behind her iconic mask, revealing her experience growing up ostracized in blonde-haired, blue-eyed Southern California as the child of a Sephardic Jewish mother and an African-American father. As Narcissister pushes the boundaries of contemporary art, she must also contend with the waning health of her biggest champion: her eccentric and loving mother. With as much to say about self-love as self-loathing in women’s lives, NARCISSISTER ORGAN PLAYER is a thrilling, profound, and utterly moving experience.

About PICA:

Portland Institute for Contemporary Art acknowledges and advances new developments in contemporary art while fostering the creative explorations of artists and audiences. Through year-round exhibitions, performances, and artist residencies; commissions of new work; educational, community, and public programs; youth engagement initiatives; and the annual Time-Based Art Festival (TBA), we support international, national, and local artists working in diverse contemporary and experimental forms across disciplines, expanding and enriching the contemporary cultural landscape. PICA previously presented Narcissister's performance work in the 2016 TBA Festival. Find out more at

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