New Year's Day Hong Kong-A-Thon

On January 1st, we're proud to present THE NEW YEAR'S DAY HONG KONG-A-THON. 35mm prints of three bone-shattering, bullet-piercing, action packed Hong Kong classics!  $12 for all three movies.

2:00pm - ENTER THE DRAGON (1973) Bruce Lee stars as a kung fu master recruited by an intelligence agency to participate in a brutal martial arts tournament hosted by the evil Han. Along with champions Roper (John Saxon) and Williams (Jim Kelly), Lee uncovers Han's slavery and drug trafficking ring located on a secret island fortress.

4:15pm - RIKI OH: THE STORY OF RICKY (1991) The only known 35mm print of this ultra-violent classic! In the near future, a corrupt prison system is run by shady officials who work with prison gangs to oppress the inmates. In steps Ricky; the new kid on the prison block. He's a kung fu master with a distaste for injustice, and a punch so powerful it literally mutilates his opponents. Based on a popular manga, this is one of the weirdest, craziest and goriest martial arts movies ever made!

6:15pm - THE KILLER (1989) John Woo's masterpiece of bullet ballet. Chow Yun-Fat stars as a reclusive assassin who accepts one last hit. He hopes to raise money to help a woman he accidentally blinded, but when he is instead double-crossed by his boss, it's time for a million bullets to fly.

Passes accepted: Guest Pass and Member Guest Pass.