PDX Motorcycle Film Festival 2020 SATURDAY

The Portland Motorcycle Film Festival 2020 is SOLD OUT!

Saturday night films start at 6:00 p.m. on January 25. Tickets for Saturday night are $15.

You can also buy a pass for both nights of the festival, show your support for OMRRA racing, and meet filmmakers and hear the Q&A at the Saturday afternoon party by GOING HERE.

Saturday night presents two feature films and a selection of short films. The Saturday night line-up is:

Short 1: Race the Waves —A beach race in Bridlington, Yorkshire features incredibly cool motorcycles and hot rods.

Short 2: Felony Flats 2018 —The Flying Fifteen’s Labor Day mini-bike races.

Short 3: Lady Bikers of Kolkata —An exploration of the cultural challenges and shifting views toward being a female motorcyclist in India.

Short 4: A Rider’s Dream – Japan —A motorcycle travel film that shares the sights and culture of Japan.

Feature 1: Blenio, Utah —A butcher from a tiny Swiss town attempts a land speed record at Bonneville.

Short 5: The Distinguished Gentleman —A top fundraiser for the The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride finds himself in need and the motorcycling community comes to the rescue

Short 6: Live Fast —A high-energy motorcycle music video.

Short 7: The Unknown Racer —An amateur motocross racer wants to be the first Russian to compete in the biggest, toughest beach race in the world.

Short 8: The Unbearable Lightness of Crashing —Evel Knievel rides again, if only for a moment.

Feature 2: Wayne —The exhilarating story of 1987 World Motorcycle Grand Prix Champion Wayne Gardner's triumphant, improbable journey from a 5-dollar dirt bike to the international summit of his sport.

The Portland Motorcycle Film Festival showcases motorcycle filmmaking and dedicates all funds raised to the purchase of Air Fence and safety equipment at Portland International Raceway by the Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association.

See PDXmotorcyclefilms.com for more info.