POWFest Shorts V: POWGirls/Youth Showcase 2016

Sunday, March 6 at 4:30pm  |  $9 | Buy Full Festival Pass HERE .

A perennial favorite and celebration of the creativity of young filmmakers. From slugs in search of adventure to a documentary about life in a Syrian refugee camp, this showcase has something for everyone!


Sign Up For The Portland Kitchen ~ Directed by the POWGirls
TBA ~ Directed by the POWGirls
Wilt ~ Directed by the POWGirls
Warm Wishes ~ Directed by Isabella Olaguera & Connor Duffy
What If? ~ Directed by Camp Reel Stories
Anxiety ~ Directed by Kiersten Myers
Hattie ~ Directed by Kira Bursky
Just Sit Down ~ Directed by Dabin Lee, Da-young Lee, Ji-won Lee & Yu-sik Choi
A Directa (The All-Nighter) ~ Directed by Beatriz Lickfold
Girls Don’t Cry Wolf ~ Directed by Anna Eva Kotyza & John Chigas
Another Kind of Girl ~ Directed by Khaldiya Jibawi
It’s Natural ~ Directed by Wylia McLeod & Darian Henry
Summer Dragons ~ Directed by Rebecca Celsi
This Home is not Empty ~ Directed by Carol Nguyen
Looking Up: Sami Stoner & Chloe ~ Directed by Brittney Lybarger
The Polytunnel ~ Directed by Ella Bettison
Behind the Rocks ~ Directed by Maia Costea



Monday, March 7