POWFest: The Art of the Pitch

Saturday, March 5 at 12:30pm  |  $10  |  Buy Full Festival Pass HERE .

THE ART OF THE PITCH is all about your story and how you tell it, but it also matters how you come into the room. This workshop is about building the tools you need for a successful pitch meeting; identifying your end game, crafting the story, and conveying confidence. This class covers the basics of pitching for anything: film, tech, non-profit, brands, etc.

Attendees are welcome to just listen and learn, but if you’d like to actually practice your pitching skills within the safe, supportive environment of the workshop, please complete this google form in advance of the workshop. We will select five to seven pitches to include in the workshop! Space is limited, and you’ll be notified prior to the workshop as to whether you’ll be pitching or not (if selected, you will still need a valid ticket or pass to attend the workshop).

Be brave–give it a shot!



Saturday, March 5