Project Lagom/ the short films project

Project Lagom is a diverse and talented group of 11 filmmakers exploring the expressive relationship between music and cinema in a collaborative experiment with composer/ producer/sound designer Keith Schreiner (Auditory Sculpture).  Reversing the traditional workflow of filmmaking where the score/soundtrack is often the last component to be completed only after the film is already shot, each of the filmmakers of Project Lagom has been tasked to create a short film to one of the 11 tracks from Keith's recently released ambient electronic album entitled "Lagom".

The film productions have been entirely voluntary and out-of-pocket; funds raised through this campaign will go towards sharing the outcome of this process - a music and film experience - by premiering the films in September in Portland, and manufacturing a limited number of DVDs.

Produced and curated by director Vance Malone, whose three previous collaborations with Keith ("The Ocularist", "Losing Lusk", and the ubiquitously award-winning "The Poodle Trainer") have all premiered at Sundance, Project Lagom is currently in production and scheduled to premier in Portland, Oregon on the evening of Tuesday, September 13th, at Portland's historic Hollywood Theater.

FILMMAKERS (Bios and past work samples at !)

Vance Malone (Station Films)
Gary Nolton (Limbo Films)
Justin Lowe
John Breen
Zachary Bainter
Christopher Sakr (Sall Productions)
Amira Dughri
James Dore
Kanon Havens
Eric Dayon (Sightworks)
David Pennington (Devious Goldfish)

Project developed in collaboration with Devious Goldfish!



Wednesday, September 14