Psychotronic Environments

Series: Repressed Cinema

Presented entirely on 16mm!

Repressed Cinema curator Ian Sundahl digs deep into his film vault for an offbeat assortment of disparate short films that are each unified by a focus on a specific, unique place. Ranging from silent era sci-fi, to a bizarre ethnography, amateur shot home movies to psychedelic travelogs. Locations you will cinematically visit during the show include: Paris, France, the Appalachian Mountains, Mali, Reno, San Francisco and the surfing beaches of sunny Southern California. And, to top off the evening, a rumination on our own Portland from underground favorite Greta Snider with her film "Portland" (1996).

Underground comix for sale in the lobby as usual. Don't forget to pick up the newest issue of the free comix paper, Vision Quest.
Assistive Listening
Wheelchair accessible