Psychotronic TV Oddities in 16mm

Series: Repressed Cinema

From his massive Portland vaults, curator Ian Sundahl presents an insane mash-up of vintage bizarre 16mm television. From TV favorites to things you never knew existed, Sundahl brings a wide variety of the strangest TV had to offer. Come see the most unique and oddball TV films from his collection in a celebration of the old boob tube. Many of the subjects in this show are one-of-a-kind rarities Sundahl has found from a myriad of sources. Highlights of the evening include: Quite possibly the sole existing footage of a very early teenage dance show, a hallucinegically inspired kids' show, behind the scenes outtakes from the cutting room floor, Mickey Rooney and Jayne Mansfield play off each other on live TV, an ad for a Johnny Cash music collection, a short-lived sci fi comedy episode with plenty of canned laughter, and more!!!

Underground Comics for sale in the lobby, as usual.

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