RACC Art Spark: Electile Disfunction

5:00–7:00pm Networking
7:15pm Electile Disfunction screening

Art + Activism is the focus of RACC’s bi-monthly Art Spark event, right in time for election season. B Media Collective pairs up with the Hollywood Theatre for an evening highlighting the theatre of politics and the art of democracy. Featuring local art activists like Just Seeds, Project Grow, and Sisters of the Road’s Empowered Voices Media Project. The event will feature the premiere of Electile Dysfunction , B Media’s latest Variety Show, a 1/2 hour episode of remixed video vaudeville for the masses.

About Electile Dysfunction : Remixing the Theatre of Politics with the Video Art of Democracy

No matter who’s elected, the system wins, so we may as well die bold (laughing). Electile Dysfunction is a 1/2 hour piece of remix video art bringing you the best political gaffes and education money can’t buy: Reagan telling communist jokes, insight into Venezuela’s system of participatory democracy, candidates like Vermin Supreme who are not, unfortunately, on your ballot, Chuck Norris threatening 1000 days of darkness if Obama is re-elected, the scary history of the 14th Amendment and how it brought us corporate personhood, and breaking news about the Post Office’s new proposal to deliver mail by F16s. Electile Dysfunction rises to the occasion, even if our nationhood can’t.

About Art Spark:
Art Spark was born out of the Creative Capacity Initiative; a conversation to address making creativity and innovation a stronger regional value by assessing our region’s strengths and weaknesses, framing problems and brainstorming solutions. Participants in the Creative Capacity discussions indicated we needed a place where artists and art supporters could meet on a regular basis to connect with each other and the greater creative community. With support from the City of Portland, the Regional Arts & Culture Council launched a monthly (now bi-monthly) networking opportunity for artists to address this need. Now in its 3rd year, Art Spark is becoming the networking event for Artists and Art lovers of all backgrounds and varieties. People are making important professional connections and discovering more of what is happening in Portland’s creative community.



Friday, November 16