Repressed Cinema: A Bucket of Blood

Repressed Cinema presents a 16mm print of the 1959 Roger Corman film A BUCKET OF BLOOD, plus surprise pre-feature beatnik short films from curator Ian Sundahl’s personal archive.

A BUCKET OF BLOOD (1959): A tale of a coffeeshop misfit busboy that horrifically rises to stardom in Roger Corman’s black comedy cult classic. Told against a backdrop of late ’50s skidrow Los Angeles, beatnik culture is displayed vibrantly for the ages in what has become Dick Miller’s most memorable performance as Walter Paisley the aspiring artist. Shot in five days on a minuscule budget, this film has spawned a stage play and a remake. Here is a great opportunity to see the original on film!

Underground comics will be for sale in the lobby, as usual.


Wednesday, June 17