Repressed Cinema: Outsider 16mm Shorts

Repressed Cinema presents “Outsider 16mm Shorts”. Curator Ian Sundahl in attendance to introduce.

A cinematic foray into the world of the outsider in society: what it means to be cast away, feel alone, alienated or just plain different from others…  These vintage and contemporary films all have an ‘outsider’ as the protagnist and as individuals they stray far away from the rest of the pack due to either psychological or physical reasons…  Films of the evening include:

Hold Me While I’m Naked (1966, Dir George Kuchar)
In the Critics’ Poll of the 100 best films of the 20th century, appearing originally in The Village Voice (Jan ’00), Hold Me While I’m Naked was ranked 52nd.  Arguably George Kuchar’s -director of over 200 films- most famous movie.  One man trying to make a film finds himself stranded by his fellow cast.

Death of an Anarchist (1998, Dir Bruce Miller)
A Travis Bickel-like character goes mad in his small apartment planning his revenge on society in this intense short.  The film features stunning special effects and has played at Rotterdam & on Australian television.

Caught in a Ripoff (1975, Centron Films)
Ever wonder what happens when you shoplift something and get caught?  Don’t miss the gripping slow-motion chase in this classroom classic.

Le Monde Du Schizophrene (World of the Schizophrenic) (1969)
Full of surreal and bizarre imagery, this short was produced by the Sandoz Pharmaceutical Company (makers of such drugs as LSD) in Switzerland to give an idea of what may go through the mind of a schizophrenic.  Presented here in eye popping Kodachrome.

Frankie of the Head (2000, Dir Chip Karpus)
A portrait of a disabled teenager, Karpus presents Frankie with visceral intensity, humor and respect -Frankie demands it.  Frank has been known to escape from straight jackets and, to take a bite out of himself afterall.
Special Portland theatrical premiere of this memorable, overlooked classic. (this subject only presented on video)



Wednesday, March 19