Rocktober Blood

Series: Wyrd War Presents!

Wyrd War has partnered with directors Bev and Ferd Sebastian to present a very special theatrical screening of their cult slasher rock spectacle!

A very bizarre tale of a rising heavy metal star named Billy "Eye" Harper who inexplicably murders his associates in a recording studio and is swiftly put to death for his crimes (sort of). Two years later... BILLY IS BACK from the grave to exact his revenge (sort of)! Along the way there are enough slit throats, excessively sweaty aerobic workouts, random hot-tubbing, badly dubbed rock concerts and asphyxiating plumes of fog machine smoke to plunge audiences into the deepest tracts of 80s independent cinema! Featuring the band Sorcery of STUNT ROCK (1979) infamy as the fictitious band Head Mistress and a fun headbanging soundtrack, ROCKTOBER BLOOD is the ultimate way to ring in the Halloween season!

This is a digital presentation of the film directly provided by the Sebastian Family (there are no known 35mm prints in existence). The quality is dubious, but that somehow enhances the charm of Billy Eye and company. Proceeds from this screening will be donated to Bev and Ferd Sebastian's National Greyhound Foundation to benefit animals recently displaced during Hurricane Irma. Wyrd War will also host a jack-o-lantern contest AND raffle before the film!
Assistive Listening