Saturday Mornings at Night

Join us for the great American ritual shared by many generations of American youth:  Watching Saturday Morning cartoons.  But now we’re all grown up and instead of eating fruit loops and drinking Tang we can drink beer and relive our childhood on the one of the largest screens in Portland.

This month we celebrate Americana.  We begin in the 1940's with absurd Merry Melodies WWII propaganda shorts.  Then jump to the urban jungle of the 1970's with Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids as they deal with the perils of drug running.  Finally we will leap ahead two thousand years to a Manhattan devastated by cosmic destruction, where Thundarr the Barbarian, sworn protector of humanity will defend a peasant village from the evil Gemini the Wizard, a land baron so ruthless he will turn the Statue of Liberty into a flamethrowing weapon.  Throughout the journey Schoolhouse Rock will educate us on the power of the verb and brainwash our children into trusting banks and getting loans.  And of course, many more of those bizarre commercials from Mego and Mattell.



Tuesday, January 24