Saul Bass on Film: Phase IV (with original and rare alternate ending)

Presented in partnership with the Academy Film Archive and The Cinefamily. Featuring a long-lost alternative ending.

Saul Bass wasn’t just an artist who contributed to the first several minutes of some of the greatest movies in history — in my opinion his body of work qualifies him as one of the best filmmakers of one of this, or any other time .“ ~ Steven Spielberg

Seekers of celestial psych cinema need no longer cue up 2001’s Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite to unlock their third eye: enter the optically luscious, organically abstract and singular universe of one of the 20th century’s greatest artists. 1974's wildly unique Phase IV is a triumph of visual storytelling that communicates impending sentient insect peril through unparalleled microphotography, sound & art design, abstract architecture and subtle gestures. As if taking Kubrick’s monolithic freakout as a cinematic challenge, director Saul Bass takes up the mantle of smart and strange sci-fi in what is rightly 2001 ’s legitimate progeny. Widely under-appreciated and guaranteed to be the most stunning theatrical experience you’ll have this year, Bass’ sole feature film is a trip you don’t want to miss.



Friday, October 11