Shorts III: Quirky

Series: POW Film Fest

Ravel { 11 MIN / USA } DIR: Sabina Beachdell
In cold, blossoming Central Park, a girl falls for a boy wearing a red sweater and tries to win his heart with a hand-knit hat. Her yarn ball, however, sees more than she does, and sets out to make things right. With an enchanting score and the light of springtime, Ravel is play for the senses and the heart. | Director and Composer in Attendance | Website

Dream Couch Sold Seperately { 9 MIN / USA } DIR: Savannah Dooley
America's favorite fashion doll visits her therapist to get to the root of her issues, which include compulsive shopping, inability to commit to a career, and a lack of intimacy with her plastic boyfriend. | Website

A Good Match { 13 MIN / USA } DIR: Lyn Elliot
Ann and Alex have split up, but does that mean it's over with Alex's mom, too? Ann wants to give the relationship another try. | Website

Buried Treasure { 30 MIN / USA } DIR: Leslie Hope
After the sudden and surprising loss of his beloved wife, grief stricken Mark struggles through an unbearable and solitary existence. Yet when Mark accidentally discovers hidden treasure in the toilet of a remote gas station, he is thrust into the world of geocaching, awakening a desire to reinvent his present by revisiting his past.A 'cinema poem' for geocachers, Buried Treasure is the story of love and gratitude - a reminder that just when you think all is lost, your treasure may find you.

Most Likely to Kill { 14 MIN / USA } DIR: Mindy Bledsoe
Virginia and George have lived the quiet lives of outcast. When Virginia reunites with her high school tormentor, the women are put into a position to choose social acceptance.....or vengeance.

Undertow { 10 MIN / Canada } DIR: Kristin Shepherd
A man asks for his wife's help in writing his brother's obituary. Her unexpected answer throws them both into unprecedented and surprising honesty. Undertow is a comedic drama about love, the end of one kind of marriage, and the possible beginning of another. | View Trailer

Ending Up { 15 MIN / USA } DIR: Paige Morrow Kimball
A female comedy short film about starting over in the middle. Sadie (Jenica Bergere), a tax accountant and mother of nine-year-old Jack (Mikah Massman-Johnson), is struggling with finalizing her divorce. After a year of separation, Sadie’s having a hard time with the way her life has 'ended up'. When Sadie’s soon-to-be ex, Paul (Matt Letscher), picks up Jack for the weekend with his 'new family', her best friends, Terri (Amy Farrington), Blair (Melanie Paxson) and her sister Maddie (Ericka Kreutz), throw her a divorce party to cheer her up. But before the night is over, their girl’s night out takes an unexpected turn, reminding Sadie about what really matters most. | Director in Attendance | Website

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Sunday, March 9