Shorts V: Family

Series: POW Film Fest

Miss Finknagle Succumbs to Chaos { 9 MIN / USA } DIR: Amy Harrison
Miss Finknagle has vanished. With their librarian mysteriously gone, four high school students gather in the lunchroom to vie for the enviable position of being the last one who saw her alive. But their speculations cannot compare to Miss Finknagle’s simple but sweet reality: a lonely and frustrated woman took a chance to change her life – and it worked. | Director in Attendance

The Ticket Seller { 7 MIN / USA } DIR: Laura Archer
The Ticket Seller is a short film inspired by the Norman Rockwell painting of the same name. The film opens with the ticket seller, an older gentleman, going about his daily work. As he works, he observes the people across the platform and ponders the choices in life that lead him and others to this place. | Director in Attendance

Æ Har Det Bare Bra/I'm All Right { 1 MIN / UK & Norway } DIR: Jude Meredith Strandquist
Æ Har Det Bare Bra' briefly touches on the life of a polar bear now living in the city. He makes himself a canned tuna sandwich and reminisces about his lost arctic habitat upon seeing the iceberg lettuce packaging.

Curious Cat's Christmas { 4 MIN / USA } DIR: Jiyoon Lee
A 3D animated short film about the feeling of curiosity which is one of the most important innate qualities for human beings and animals. It is perceived to be the motivation of exploration. The story begins late night Christmas Eve; a kitty is quietly entering her living room in order to search for her own Christmas gifts. She sees a variety of gifts, and she becomes extremely curious which eventually leads her into a pandemonium adventure. This funny story describes how one's curiosity affects their overall behavior which causes chain reactions around them. | Website

Suite for Two Band Geeks { 18 MIN / USA } DIR: Elizabeth Iverson
Lynn, the last chair in the flute section of her high school band, has loved Austin, the dreamy oboe player, from afar for years. When the conductor announces a flute/oboe duet in the upcoming concert, Lynn challenges the top flute player, Natalia, for the right to play the duet. However, Lynn's playing goes to hell whenever Austin is near, and she realizes she will have to overcome her fears of inadequacy both to play the duet and to tell Austin how she feels. | Director in Attendance | Website

Pink Balloons { 7 MIN / Australia } DIR: Rebecca Rocheford Davies
When a nurse's daily ritual of buying a pink balloon is disrupted, an unlikely friendship is formed.

A Purrfect Pair { 3 MIN / Canada } DIR: Gwyneth Christoffel
A dog and cat spy each other at the veterinarian's office and instantly fall in love. After being dragged away from each other by their owners, they dream of what their life together would be like. The story ends happily, with an added bonus.

Double Shot { 2 MIN / USA } DIR: Kelsey Norden
Taking the concepts and characters from the webcomic 'The Jupiter Palladium,' Double Shot focuses on the idea that not everyone is what they seem. Izzy and Dwayne, a couple of superheroes new to crime fighting in Port Jupiter, discuss a battle they fought earlier against a big purple monster. They fought well and took the monster down, but it turned out he was just a confused little boy with freshly developed powers he couldn't control. Izzy feels bad for what they've done, but Dwayne explains to her that the world is changing, and soon not every superhuman will be seen as a monster. | Director in Attendance

Dear Santa { 22 MIN / USA } DIR: Maura Smith
Ann Dunham an energetic and free-spirited girl who loves hockey, dance class, and video games. When Ann asks Santa Claus to turn her into a boy for Christmas, her request throws her conservative mother into a tailspin. Dear Santa is a lighthearted look at the complicated, funny, and sometimes dysfunctional ties that bind a family together.

Lucky Story { 15 MIN / USA } DIR: Anais La Rocca
A young single mom and her eccentric 10 year old son get thrown a little luck when they win a $7,000 lottery. They believe their prayers have been answered but soon discover that the money may not be the answer to all of their problems. Lucky Story is a heart-felt adventure of a small family and their struggles and triumphs, both big and small. The story imaginatively and comically explores the relationship and unconditional love between Rose (Kristen Buckels), a young woman whose dreams took a sabbatical when she had a baby boy at sweet sixteen, and Benjy (Julian Shatkin) a 10 year old whose imagination and quirky personality leave him with a unique perspective of the world.The small sum of money that the duo find themselves winning isn't enough to make them millionaires, but it may be just enough to make all their wishes come true. This story is about lessons we learn in life: There are the life lessons children learn growing up, but more importantly, there are lessons grown-ups learn from their children. It's about how wishing for things isn't a lost cause, and how you don't need magic to make them come true. | Website

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