Shorts VI: Youth/POWGirls

Series: POW Film Fest

Moving On { 2 MIN / UK } DIR: Holly Jacobson
As a ten year old girl, I wanted to tell a story about something that is fairly personal to me, so I decided it would be about this time in my life when I am just starting to grow up - and about friendship.Moving On was partly inspired by the song Puff the Magic Dragon (I love that song!), because I thought about how when Jackie Paper stopped thinking about Puff any more he kind of just disappeared.

Wynter's "Six Word Memoir" { 2 MIN / USA } DIR: Wynter Rhys
Inspired by the Six-Word Memoir project of Smith Magazine, 14-year old Reel Grrls filmmaker Wynter Rhys tells a story about grrl empowerment in only six words.

Memoirs of a Superwoman { 11 MIN / USA } DIR: Khadija Charles
Through her film, Khadija explores the fears and obstacles associated with her unplanned pregnancy, and her decision to keep the baby. Khadija is adamant about not 'becoming a statistc', she is enrolled in college and plans on pursuing her professional goals, as well as being a mother, with the help of her boyfriend and her family. Their reactions to the pregnancy are integrated into her film, to great effect.

Dessert Contest { 1 MIN / USA } DIR: Mary Aupperle
A timid marshmallow, a shy chocolate, and two plain little wafers enter the big dessert contest. They haven't got a chance of winning. Or do they?

You Only Live Once { 6 MIN / USA } DIR: Joelee Cummings
Joelee Cummings is a responsible teenager in charge of caring for her younger siblings. When she is faced with a life-threatening tumor, and has to undergo major surgery, she decides it is time to take a step back. Realizing that her siblings are old enough to take care of themselves Joelee picks up dancing, a passion she had given up in her youth.

Lioness in the Wild { 3 MIN / USA } DIR: Nicole Diaz
Lioness is a portrait of a mother who has dedicated her life to providing for her children. Maria Fabian, a religious woman, works as a hair-dresser five days a week to maintain a balanced household, and provide for her three children.

Life Timed { 7 MIN / USA } DIR: Hannah Snyder
John Right is running out of time with his love, Megan. Life Timed follows John through time as he faces tries to differentiate between the life he wants, and the life he has. | Director in Attendance

When Life Hands you Lemons { 9 MIN / USA } DIR: Jasmine Barclay
Jasmine introduces and ends her film with letters to her father explaining the difficulties she has faced with her unstable living situation. Jasmine's mother is estranged, and her father is in prison, but she has worked though these challenges, graduated from high school and enrolled in college. She was forced to grow up too fast, but stood up to the challenge, and working towards constructing a better future for herself.

Bye Bye Lullabye { 4 MIN / USA } DIR: Kira Bursky
On the eve of his becoming an adult, Miles is lonely enough to befriend the 'monster' under his bed. | View Trailer

Affording My Future:  The High Cost of Higher Education { 4 MIN / USA } DIR: Ykitta Martin
When Ykitta Martin learned that she was admitted to her dream university, she was elated. But when she began to examine the potential costs of attending her dream college, her elation turned to devastation. Her own experience led her to investigate the staggering price tag attached to the dream of higher education in the U.S. Her journey leads her to learn about the rise in higher education costs, student loan debt, and the high unemployment rates facing her and her peers, even with a college degree. Ykitta's film poses the question: will a college education ultimately do more financial harm than good?

Evolution { 15 MIN / USA } DIR: Kira Britt
Kira has struggled with her weight through her youth, into high school. In her film she questions how the contemporary concept of beauty has worked itself into her identity as a woman and an artist. Though a food journal she illustrates her disordered eating habits, and offers a means of working against them; to come to terms with her body, and be more than what is expected of her.

POWGirls Film { 10 MIN / USA } DIR: Various
In keeping with our mission to support the next generation of women filmmakers, POWFest is debuting POWGirls, a unique partnership program with Portland Community Media, specifically designed for high school-aged girls. Over the course of 48 hours–taking place during the 2014 POWFest–a group of selected girls will develop, produce, edit and present a film during the Youth Short program.

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