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Series: Fashion in Film

Fashion in Film continues its ode to the 1990's with Cameron Crowe’s romantic comedy and ode to grunge music in its heyday!

SINGLES follows a group of twenty-something Seattleites all living in their cool Capitol Hill apartment as they look for love and go to rock shows. There’s the fledgling relationship of Linda (Kyra Sedgwick) and Steve (Campbell Scott) trying to find their way while introducing the world to the phrase “Mr. Sensitive Ponytail Man.” Debbie (Shelia Kelley) tries to find a man by making a VHS video dating reel with a surprising director. Then there’s Janet (Bridget Fonda) who’s busy working in a coffee shop and chasing after Cliff (Matt Dillon, with very 90s facial hair) who is preoccupied with his band, Citizen Dick (played by Pearl Jam!).

On top of the searches for love, see a snapshot of a moment in time with a killer soundtrack and grunge cameos galore (Eddie Vedder being goofy! Chris Cornell acting for 30 seconds! Alice in Chains playing a set!) in this delightful film.

Year 1992
Format Digital
Runtime 99min
Wheelchair accessible Yes
Assistive Listening Yes
Closed captioning No


Monday, February 3