Soylent Green

Series: Wyrd War Presents!

Join Wyrd War for this one-night-only 49th anniversary screening of legendary Hollywood director Richard Fleischer’s classic dystopian science fiction thriller SOYLENT GREEN (1973).

The year: 2022. The place: New York City. The population: 40,000,000. Climate change, pollution, and overpopulation have precipitated ecological disaster and the slow collapse of democratic society. With natural resources nearly depleted, and dying oceans no longer capable of producing plankton, the mostly illiterate masses are ruled by a sequestered elite and sustained by a mysterious processed food substance produced by the Soylent Corporation.

Charlton Heston recalls similar performances from earlier sci-fi blockbusters THE PLANET OF THE APES (1968) and THE OMEGA MAN (1971) as Detective Thorn, a rugged survivor whose stubborn investigation of the death of a corporate board member leads him into a treacherous cat and mouse fight for his life as he uncovers the terrible secret of Soylent Green.

Loosely based on the novel "Make Room! Make Room!" by former EC horror comic illustrator Harry Harrison, and predicting many of the climate change catastrophes we are currently contending with, SOYLENT GREEN also features the final performance from Golden Age screen star and outspoken antifascist Edward G. Robinson, who died just days after filming his onscreen fictional death as a retired professor and keeper of civilization’s history. The future is now!

Wyrd War will be serving delicious “Soylent Green” in the lobby before the film while supplies last!

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Richard Fleischer
Open Captions (subtitles)
Assistive Listening
97 mins
Wheelchair accessible
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