The Bus

THE BUS directed by Damon Ristau (in attendance at screening)

This is the story of a vehicle that became an icon. Anyone who has ever driven a VW Bus already knows that it’s a tale of freedom, love, friendship, breakdowns and adventure.

How did a post-WWII German utility vehicle come to represent freedom and peace around the world?

In The Bus , we answer this question by allowing the vehicle to act as the main character, and the people it carries along the way to be its voice. The film begins in Germany with a simple sketch that would change the world forever. Next comes a wild ride that takes us through time following the evolution of the vehicle that has established a colorful and resonant place in modern culture. From Woodstock to Hollywood, and Burning Man to Baja, we find people from all walks of life who share their stories and passion for The Bus.



Thursday, June 21