The Clown - O Palhaço

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Benjamin and his father are the marvelous clown duo of Pangaré (Mongrel) and Puro Sangue (Thoroughbred). They own the small Circus Esperança (Circus Esperanza) and lead a troupe of itinerant artists through the roads of Brazil. Benjamin is sick of the life he leads and keeps repeating in his head, like a motif, the following thought: "I make everyone laugh, but who's going to make me laugh?" This recurrent conflict is mixed with his desire to see the world, have a fixed residence, buy a fan, and even get an ID card like any regular citizen. Would leaving the circus be the best choice for Benjamin or does he just not seem to realize he is the funniest clown the world has ever seen?

Awards: Winner of ABC Trophy for Best Director, Best Editing and Best Sound. Winner, Audience Award at Cinema Brazil Grand Prize 2012. Audience Award for Best Film at Contigo Cinema, Brazil 2012. Best Cinematography at Tiburon International Film Festival 2012, among other awards.

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Saturday, March 29