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The Dragon, The Hero

Series: Kung Fu Theater

Kung Fu Theater presents the only known 35mm print of this incredible martial arts obscurity! Advance tickets are strongly recommended.

High kicking expert John Liu (INVINCIBLE ARMOUR) stars as a martial arts assassin who is hired to take out a creepy, evil villain who runs an antiques smuggling ring. While on his journey, he gets involved in non-stop kung fu fights; including encounters with an opium-smoking drunken master, a Bruce Lee imitator, and a skilled fighter who may be more friend than foe in his attempt to take down the ultra-weird villain! Directed by Godfrey Ho.

Kung Fu Theater t-shirts for sale in the lobby, wear your shirt for a chance to win one-of-a-kind movie memorabilia.
Assistive Listening Available
Format 35mm
Wheelchair accessible Yes