The Dungeonmaster on 35mm

Series: Wyrd War Presents!

Wyrd War's retro-imaginative series MARCH INTO FANTASY! closes with a late night DOUBLE FEATURE anchored by a rare 35mm screening of producer Charles Band's fantasy anthology THE DUNGEONMASTER (1984). A young computer programmer with an uncomfortably intimate relationship with his female-voiced personal computer, named X-CaliBR8, mysteriously slips into an alternate dimension where he must confront several enchanted challenges in an effort to save his girlfriend Gwen. With appearances from the late Richard Moll as the evil sorcerer Mestema and the Los Angeles heavy metal band W.A.S.P. (as themselves, naturally), this low budget wonder from the golden age of D&D and Commodore 64 gaming perfectly concludes Wyrd War's spring celebration of metal, muscle and mythology!

THE DUNGEONMASTER on 35mm will be preceded by the first dungeon synth fantasy short film, created exclusively for Wyrd War by the brilliant French dungeon synth artist ERANG. Sit back and experience the world premiere of this visual and auditory transmission from...ANOTHER WORLD, ANOTHER TIME. ERANG does not tour or perform live, so he has created this film for Wyrd War's MARCH INTO FANTASY! series as a way of sharing his majestic, emotional and inspirational work in the US for the first time ever. Join us!

Wheelchair accessible
35mm, Digital
Assistive Listening
Open Captions (subtitles)


Saturday, March 23