The Entity

Series: Wyrd War Presents!

Wyrd War has released Charles Bernstein’s acclaimed score for THE ENTITY on limited edition vinyl for the first time. This screening is the official record release celebration!

Based on the true story of a woman who was repeatedly assaulted by an unseen spectral force, Sidney Furie's THE ENTITY (1982) is an unflinching descent into trauma and the labyrinth of demoralization, victim-blaming, and disbelief that emerges in the aftermath of rape. Barbara Hershey’s triumphant performance as a single mother seeking assistance from both a skeptical psychiatrist and an earnest team of paranormal researchers, centers the validity of the survivor's experience and lends emotional complexity and sincerity to the onscreen brutality that punctuates this dark and genuinely unsettling ghost story.

Wheelchair accessible
2 hrs, 5 mins
Assistive Listening