The Epic of Everest

Series: Portland EcoFilm Festival

Friday, April 10 at 7:00pm  |  $8  |  Pacific Northwest Premiere!

In 1924, the third attempt ever undertaken to scale Mount Everest ended with the deaths of two of the era’s finest climbers, George Mallory and Andrew Irvine—sparking an ongoing debate over whether or not they did indeed reach the summit.

Accompanying Mallory and Irvine on the upward trek was Captain John Noel, who documented the expedition, filming in brutally harsh conditions with a hand-cranked camera and capturing images of breathtaking beauty and considerable historic significance.  His footage is among the earliest filmed records of life in Tibet and features sequences at Phari Dzong (Pagri), Shekar Dzong (Xegar), and Rongbuk monastery.  But what resonates still more deeply is Noel’s ability to frame the vulnerability, isolation, and courage of people persevering in one of the world’s harshest landscapes.

THE EPIC OF EVEREST , first released in 1924, makes a triumphant return to the big screen thanks to a stunning restoration by the British Film Institute. The restoration reintroduces the original colored tints and tones, revealing that few images in cinema are as epic—or moving—as a blood-red sunset over the Himalayas.  The restoration also boasts a newly commissioned score, composed and conducted by Simon Fisher Turner (The Great White Silence) and featuring a haunting combination of electronic music, found sounds, Western and Nepalese instruments, and vocals.

Community Partner: The Mazamas of Portland

87 minutes
J.B.L. Noel


Saturday, April 11