The Monday Knights: Season 1 Premiere

This humerous web series about a group of tabletop gamers takes storytelling to new levels by letting fans influence the show’s plot. Created by Prescott Harvey and filmed in Portland, Episode 1 airs to the public April 21st on the Monday Knights Facebook page. Subsequent episodes will be released by fan demand; the audience must work together to “unlock” the next chapter. The story follows hero Marty Collins and his humorous and unlikely entourage-a childhood friend, a dangerously pretty co-worker, and a disgraced pro PC gamer. The troupe’s role-playing game comes to life in dramatic CG settings as they traverse real and imagined worlds. As the show progresses, viewers get deeper levels of interactivity-from choosing which way the heroes when the road forks, to getting their monster ideas voted to life onscreen, to making plot-altering decisions at the season’s cliffhanger moment. This event is the only time audiences will be able to see the first six episodes on demand.



Sunday, April 22