The Portland 48-Hour Film Project 2018

Series: Rental Event

You are invited to the world premieres of over 40 short films, presented over two nights, when the PORTLAND 48 HOUR FILM PROJECT returns to the Hollywood Theatre. Recently, Portland’s most daring and creative filmmakers took the 48 Hour Challenge. After drawing their genres from "the cruel hat of fate," they were assigned the same character, prop, and line of dialogue to include in their films. The results range from the sublime to the ridiculous, often in the same film.

Each screening includes a short Q & A with the filmmakers. YOU, the audience, determine the coveted Audience Favorite Awards for each screening group. With 14 different films of all genres and styles, this is your chance to support your local filmmaker and see some great locally-created shorts on the big screen!

The mission of the 48 Hour Film Project is to promote filmmakers and filmmaking.  Previous Portland 48HFP films have gone onto the Cannes Film Festival.  Visit

for more info.

GROUP A Wednesday, August 1 @ 7:00 PM
Listed alphabetically, not by screening order

  • 13:2 Movievision Adam Davis
  • Dandelion Cody McCracken
  • Dream Reality Films Aaron Toy
  • Hold For Sound Steven Sroba
  • Loud People Cory Wiese
  • Nagrom Christopher Sparkman
  • One More Take Adin Biederman
  • Pocket of Rocks Productions Alex deMeurers
  • RETO Media Holly Factora
  • Scolecifilmist Christian Montes
  • Storytiller Pandora Patterson
  • Toll Free Productions Steve Scalpone

Group B Wednesday, August 1 @ 9:30pm
Listed alphabetically, not by screening order
  • Breakthrough Films Evan Gutt
  • Dragon Horde Keith Shuman
  • Electrocosm Aaron Curry
  • Fetus in Fetu Productions Kristina King
  • Good Dog Melody Ashford
  • Khaaan! Philip Snapp
  • Lambda Lion Benjamin Evans
  • Many Sparrows Rich Davis
  • Pending Michael Taylor
  • Rollstars Joshua Rivera
  • Stormin' Norman David Dodson
  • Team Wolf Erin Lyon
  • Three Warriors Isaac-DAvid Trimble
  • Todd Harold Productions David Wester

Group C Thursday, August 2 @ 7:00pm
Listed alphabetically, not by screening order

  • All Skate Nathan Hurt
  • CoffeeTimeWithTheBois Connor Foubister
  • Drone Rangers Derek Weber
  • euGene Splicers Aleck Thompson
  • Gxxk! Films Nick Brown
  • Karaoke Inferno Matt Kaiser
  • MaRoZel Derek Willis
  • Monsieur Soeur Michael Entler
  • Peekables kelsey peake
  • Rip Stop Mark Johns
  • Sky Tiger Creative Steven Englund
  • Team Wheelhouse Anthony Nelson

Group D Thursday, August 2 @ 9:30pm
Listed alphabetically, not by screening order

  • Artful Raven Studios Sophya Vidal
  • Fair Game Film Gene Hall
  • Insomniac Cinema Posse Tristan David Luciotti
  • Laughterhouse-Five Tristian Spillman
  • Lombardo Tropho Andrew Boehm
  • Man vs Film Productions Erich Demerath
  • More Frogs You Gnome Tommy Hestmark
  • Ninth Kind Productions Jonathan Mina
  • Raven Brought Her Dog? Rob Hill
  • RPM Lightning Rachelle Henry
  • Spektral Ink Films Thisara Pinto
  • Take 2 Patty McKay
  • Terror Dogs Brian Harris



Wednesday, August 1