The Secret Life Of Plants

Series: Mississippi Records Music & Film

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A beautiful meditation on life, the universe and everything, through the lens of a documentary about the history of plants on planet earth...and in space.

THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS is part psychedelic Stevie Wonder music video, part art film and part mockumentary. It starts with the birth of our planet and all plants and ends with Dogun Space Rituals... and there are plenty of surprises that carry you through the journey, including interpretive dancing, Stevie rowing his boat through paradise and amazing time lapse videos of the life of plants.

A favorite of Mississippi Records for many years, don't miss this chance to watch fun and life affirming movie. Beautiful soundtrack by Stevie Wonder and directed by Waylon Green (who also directed the 'tunnel scene" in Willie Wonka And The Chocolate Factory and the apocalyptic insect documentary "The Hellstrom Chronicle").

Lux in Tenebris!

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97 mins
Waylon Green
Assistive Listening
Wheelchair accessible