This Ain’t No Hula: A “Hard Ticket To Hawai'i” Lampoon

In association with the Hollywood Theatre, KPSU presents This Ain’t No Hula: A “Hard Ticket To Hawai'i” Lampoon . In the style of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and RiffTrax, KPSU will be hosting a live comedic commentary of the film live on stage.

This ain’t no hula! Starring four Playboy centerfold beauties and Ronn Moss ( The Bold & The Beautiful ) Hard Ticket to Hawai'i is an action-adventure movie in the great tradition of James Bond. Set among the stunning islands of Hawai'i, Dona Speir and Hope Marie Carlton are two undercover federal agents running an inter-island cargo service. Discovering a cache of diamonds, the gorgeous pair soon run into major trouble unleashing an international drug dealer’s henchmen on them.

Rowdy (Moss) and Jade (World Martial Arts and Kick Boxing champion Harold Diamond) come to their rescue in a series of explosions, car chases, karate fights and love scenes that will blow you away.



Sunday, April 6