Video Gong Show

Hosted by Ian Karmel
Live performances by Rip City’s own TWINS bringing you cop jams for people who hate narcs and soundtracks from forgotten mall s

Monday, August 29th, 2011
and every last Monday of the month


At the Video Gong Show the audience rules the screen.  Bring us your favorite video clips to be judged and jeered by your peers (all in good fun).  Past playlists have included a combination of viral classics and rare gems from Abraham Linkin’s, “ I Got it at Ross ,” to Bill Cosby Bukowski performing Jelloems. Wow and entertain us or risk being “gonged.”  The piece that stands up to crowd scrutiny the longest will be crowned Gong Champion and win prizes courtesy of Pambiche and ¿Por Qué No? .

Participant Guidelines:
Arrive at 6:30PM to submit you videos. First come, first served.  ( 7:00PM cut-off )
- Content: anything goes (no porn) the more ridiculous, revealing, and shameful the better
-Format: URL, DVD, Bluray, or VHS ( URL’s can be e-mailed ahead of time to, but to keep it fair, they will not be added to the queue until we receive your submission slip in the theatre lobby. )
- Info: We’ll ask for the following info on the submission form: title, run time, producer & director (when possible), your name, e-mail and phone number



Tuesday, August 30