Vintage Folk Tales

16mm Special presents VINTAGE FOLK TALES.

Join us at the Hollywood Theatre for an afternoon of vintage 16mm folk tales from around the world. Assembled from the personal 16mm library of Portland archivist Greg Hamilton, these folk tales were shown in classrooms around the United States and captured stories and legends from many cultures. From Native American legends to African animal stories, these classic films exposed the young and old to new stories from faraway lands.

Bring the family! All films suitable for ages 6 and up.

Featured stories:

THE LOON'S NECKLACE - 11 minutes: Native American Indian legend of how the Loon aquired her white neckband.
ANANSI THE SPIDER - 11 minutes: Ashanti folk tale about the origins of Anansi the trickster spider god.
THE WILD SWAN - 11 minutes: Danish folk tale about a princess who seeks to rescue her eleven brothers who have been turned into swans by a witch.
ARROW TO THE SUN - 13 minutes: A Pueblo Indian folk tale about a young man who undergoes different trials to prove himself to his father..
MUFAROS BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTERS - 13 minutes: African folk tale about two beautiful girls who react in different ways to their king's search for a wife.

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