White Lightning

Series: Grindhouse Film Festival

The Grindhouse Film Festival presents this rare 35mm print, in tribute to Burt Reynolds (1936-2018). Advance tickets are strongly recommended!

WHITE LIGHTNING (1973): Burt Reynolds stars as Gator McKlusky, a charismatic hillbilly who is let out of an Arkansas jail to go undercover as a moonshine runner, and try to bring down a crooked sheriff (Ned Beatty). But Gator has his own agenda, the sheriff murdered his hippie brother, and now Gator's dead-set on revenge. With the pedal to the metal, Gator tears up the small town and country roads, and soon finds that corruption in America runs deeper than he ever dreamed. Co-starring Jennifer Billingsley and Bo Hopkins, directed by Joseph Sargent (TAKING OF PELHAM 1,2,3).

35mm Burt Reynolds trailers before the movie.

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