Outside the Frame: Riders in the Storm (Streaming)

Available online through October 24!

Good films about a bad year by homeless and marginalized youth. This virtual program features a variety of short films: music videos about the Movement for Black Lives featuring Mic Crenshaw and the Oregon Symphony, documentaries about grassroots, government, and healthcare efforts during COVID, and more. Just click the play button on the video below to watch the program!

Outside the Frame trains homeless and marginalized youth to be directors of their own films and lives.

All tax deductible donations support Outside the Frame filmmaking workshops. Click here to donate!

Run of show (feel free to fast forward):

00:00 - Nili Yosha, Outside the Frame
00:40 - Seraphie Allen, Portland Mayor’s Office
1:30 - Becoming Raven
7:10 - Health Clinic Heroes
12:55 - Commissioner Sharon Meieren, Multnomah County District 1
Casey Culley, Central City Concern
Lifetime of Achievement in a Single Year Award Recipient
14:10 - Last Dayz
16:47 - Mic Crenshaw and JProdigy
18:10 - Rose City Rising
21:08 - January
24:45 - Animal Control
31:36 - Colefire, Outside the Frame Filmmaker
33:02 - Masks
39:10 - Warriors
45:55 - Rob Nathan, Metro
46:48 - Riders on the Storm
55:15 - Youth take a bow

More at outsidetheframe.org