Home Movies: Films from Oregon

Under ordinary circumstances, the Hollywood and Movie Madness Miniplex regularly host screenings from local filmmakers, showcasing the diversity and breadth of filmmaking talent in the region. While we're currently closed due to Covid-19, we still want to keep a spotlight on local filmmakers: On this page we're proud to feature a selection of short and feature-length films made in Oregon and presented by our local partners.


OREGON FILMMAKERS SERIES: CREATIVE VISION—Every few months, Oregon Media Lab brings you a collection of stories from Oregon filmmakers. A portion of each ticket sold will go directly to the filmmakers. The October 2020 lineup showcases short films featuring a distinct creative vision.


lost boys portlandia

Portland’s homeless youth debate the return to mainstream society after watching Peter Pan. They make their own film version exploring how, if and why they should go back to the world that threw them away. Presented in partnership with Outside the Frame.



OREGON FILMMAKERS SERIES: MADE BY WOMEN—The August 2020 lineup from Oregon Media Lab features films from women and non-binary directors. A portion of each ticket sold will go directly to the filmmakers.