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There's the history of cinema and then there's the history in cinema. This series is devoted to the latter. ON THIS DAY celebrates and honors significant dates in cinema's imagined history by scheduling screenings that coincide with the action. We'll begin by watching 1980's THE FOG on April 21st, the same day a hundred year-old undead fog pirates seek their revenge on the citizens of Antonio Bay.

Look for more films and dates to be added to our list of recognized cinematic holidays!

ON THIS DAY is programmed by Hollywood Theatre staff member and filmmaker Sean Whiteman.



The Fog

Sunday, April 21, 9:30 PM

"One hundred years ago, on the 21st of April, out in the waters around Spivey Point, a small clipper ship drew toward land. Suddenly, out of the night, the fog rolled in..."

On April 21st --…