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Trek Nights brings you the opportunity to watch your favorite Star Trek films on the big screen! Come celebrate all that is Trek with a theatre full of your fellow Trekkies. Hosted by Ashlee Nelson and Joshua Tuneberg, they use their love and knowledge of Trek to program a rotation of Trek screenings from fan favorites to films that you don't often get the opportunity to see on the big screen. 

Ashlee and Joshua also have a podcast, Talking Trek Wars, where they talk about both Star Trek and Star Wars as the Doctor and Berg (along with their good friend the General), and on which you'll hear about Trek Nights at the Hollywood; you can find more info on that at

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Galaxy Quest

Wednesday, August 3, 7:30 PM

Join Trek Nights as we take you on a side-Trek with Galaxy Quest! In this beloved Trek-inspired film, the stars of a 1980s sci-fi TV show find themselves beamed into a real-life version of their show…