Sunday is a Short Film Extravaganza including the Lovecraft Under the Gun 72 Hour Film competition! PLUS a special screening of GLORIOUS followed by Q&A with director and guest of honor Rebekah McKendry, the US Premiere of MINORE, and encore screenings of SUITABLE FLESH, Charlie Steeds’s GODS OF THE DEEP and Anthony Cousins’s FROGMAN. Enjoy independent short and feature films from around the world, panel discussions, author readings, live events, and special guests. Festival Awards will be presented Sunday night!

Each day of the festival offers a selection of different short and feature films, and live events on all 3 screens. Seating is open so you can choose your viewing on the fly, but it’s first come, first seated for all programs. For the complete schedule and list of films on all 3 screens visit

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NEW Independent Short and Feature Films
This lineup of films from 16 countries across the world may cause you to question your reality… and your sanity! Films range from direct adaptations of stories by Lovecraft and his contemporaries to original stories that couldn’t exist without the influence of cosmic horror. Many screenings include Q&As with attending filmmakers! Check the schedule on our website for the full list.

Feature: Glorious (US)
After a breakup, Wes (Ryan Kwanten from TRUE BLOOD) ends up at a remote rest stop. He finds himself locked inside the bathroom with a mysterious figure speaking from an adjacent stall (voiced by JK Simmons). Soon Wes realizes he is involved in a situation more terrible and full of cosmic horror than he could imagine. A special big screen presentation, introduced and followed afterward by a Q&A with Guest of Honor, director Rebekah McKendry.

US Premiere Feature: Minore (Greece)
On a steamy summer night at the Greek seaside, full of music, dancing and taverna food, a sudden mist descends and strange creatures plague the city, attacking people and drawing others into the sea with strange dreams. A group of musicians join forces with a lost sailor in search of his wayward Greek father, along with a waitress, a bodybuilder, their granny, some local criminals, and an undead priest - banding together to fight back against the otherworldly invaders. With shades of the Shadow Over Innsmouth and The Music of Erich Zann, this is a unique Greek cinematic experience, followed by Q&A with the filmmakers.

Feature: Gods of the Deep (UK)
Last year’s Best Feature winner Charlie Steeds is back with a new Lovecraftian underwater horror adventure! When a daring mission leads a deep sea submarine team into a mysterious opening on the ocean floor, they uncover a lost underwater ruin and accidentally awaken an ancient otherworldly being.

Feature: Frogman (US)
Three friends in search of the Loveland Frogman are about to find out he is more than just a local legend. A Lovecraftian found footage film at the intersection of where cosmic horror, folk horror, and urban legends meet. Written and directed by Anthony Cousins (Winner of 2016 Best Short Award for “When Susurrus Stirs”).