Snake in the Monkey's Shadow

Series: Kung Fu Theater

On Wednesday September 14th at 7:30, Kung Fu Theater presents the only known 35mm print of the drunken-monkey style classic Snake in the Monkey’s Shadow . This print comes courtesy of Quentin Tarantino, from his personal 35mm collection.

Snake in the Monkey’s Shadow (1979) A young man tries to enter a drunken boxing school, but is only allowed to work as a servant.  When a rival fighter is beaten and humiliated by the master of the drunken boxing school, he hires two ruthless snakefist assassins to exact revenge.  Now, the young man (who has been training in secret) attempts to track down a reclusive monkey-style master, so he can learn it’s secrets, and try to defeat the snakefist duo. Prepare yourself for snakefist vs. drunken-monkey mayhem!



Wednesday, March 9