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Night Nurse

Series: Hollywood Babylon

Hollywood Babylon presents a 35mm print of the pre-Code classic NIGHT NURSE, which is one of the films often cited for the creation of the Production Code. This screening is free for Hollywood members!

NIGHT NURSE (1931) stars Barbara Stanwyck as Lora Hart, a live-in nurse hired to take care of two sick children. As the children's condition seems to go from bad to worse, Nurse Hart begins to suspect a plot to kill them for their inheritance, orchestrated by the girls' drunk mother, drug-addicted doctor, and brutish chauffeur. 

Directed by William A. Welllman, and co-starring Joan Blondell as Stanwyck's friend and fellow nurse, Ben Lyon, Charles Winninger, and a nonmustacioed Clark Gable in one of his first film roles.

Year 1931
Format 35mm
Runtime 72min
Wheelchair accessible Yes
Assistive Listening Available


Thursday, September 12