Join us on Friday for Opening Ceremonies with literary guest of honor Clay McLeod Chapman, our first Short Film Blocks and the PNW Premiere of SUITABLE FLESH on the main screen, plus two more screens of Cosmic Horror! Be the first to see some of the 60+ independent short and feature films from around the world. We are joined by Guests of Honor CLAY MCLEOD CHAPMAN and REBEKAH MCKENDRY!

Each day of the festival offers a selection of different short and feature films on all 3 screens. Seating is open so you can choose your viewing on the fly, but it’s first come, first seated for all programs. For the complete schedule and list of films on all 3 screens visit

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Feature: Suitable Flesh (US)

We’re beyond excited for you to see this Lovecraftian erotic body horror based on “The Thing on the Doorstep” Directed by Joe Lynch, with a screenplay by Dennis Paoli (the screenwriter of Stuart Gordon’s RE-ANIMATOR and FROM BEYOND), produced by and starring Barbara Crampton, Heather Graham, and Judah Lewis.
Synopsis: Successful psychiatrist Elizabeth Derby (Heather Graham) has brutally murdered her young patient Asa Waite (Judah Lewis). Locked up in a psych ward, she recounts to her friend Dr. Daniella Upton (Barbara Crampton) an insane, obsessive tale of erotic attraction, out-of-body experiences, ancient curses, grisly deaths and unspeakable evil. The things Elizabeth has felt, seen and done have destroyed her marriage, ruined her reputation, left bodies in her wake, and led her to a ‘kill or be killed’ desperation. If Daniella doesn’t believe her now, more deaths will follow, and Elizabeth will be forever lost. But who would believe such a mind-bending story? And worse, if it is all true, who will be left to tell it?

Feature: Gods of the Deep (UK)
Last year’s Best Feature winner Charlie Steeds is back with a new Lovecraftian underwater horror adventure! When a daring mission leads a deep sea submarine team into a mysterious opening on the ocean floor, they uncover a lost underwater ruin and accidentally awaken an ancient otherworldly being.

NEW Independent Short and Feature Films
We’re back on all 3 screens with more of the cosmic horror and Lovecraftian films we’ve become known for during the past 28 years! This year’s lineup from all 16 countries across the world will open new vistas of reality and may cause you to question your sanity! Films range from direct adaptations of stories by Lovecraft and his contemporaries to original stories that couldn’t exist without the influence of cosmic horror. Many screenings include Q&As with attending filmmakers! See the full lineup and schedule on our official website.