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Series: Ollin: Social Justice Series

Ollin: Social Justice Film Series presents director Gregory Nava’s stunning and dramatic bio-pic SELENA! Released in 1997, SELENA is a biographical musical drama documenting the life of Latinx icon Selena Quintanilla. Set in the southwest during the 1980s and 1990s, the movie profiles the meteoric rise of Selena and Tejano music in America. Jennifer Lopez, in her breakout film debut, plays Selena. As her star rises, the young performer must carefully navigate the complexities of her family, fans, and culture. SELENA tells the emotional tale of celebrity, music, and loss during a time when Latino culture and music was gaining national commercial recognition. The film features hit songs from Selena's discography. Come prepared to sing to your favorite songs!

Presented by Latino Network and Hollywood Theatre.

Guest Passes: Guest Passes and Member Guest Passes accepted.

Director Gregory Nava
Format 35mm
Wheelchair accessible Yes
Assistive Listening Available


Monday, July 9