The Devil and Daniel Johnston

Series: Mississippi Records Music & Film

Whether you love his music or not, this is one of the greatest music documentaries of all time and deserves a watch.  Daniel Johnston's life is the stuff of myth and legend.  Daniel documented it well through video and audio, always assuming that one day the world would care, and the movie show's off this amazing archive of images and sound. Despite, or maybe thanks to, suffering from manic depression and delusions of grandeur, Daniel managed to create a cannon of music that can be put side by side the Beatles or Bob Dylan's work in terms of great song writing and depth - but he did it without the support of major labels or studios. This documentary takes you through this great artist's madness and genius - it's a mythic story of our times and one all should know. Unbelievable highs and lows and all points in between - the story of love, madness and the meaning of life writ large. 

Jeff Feuerzeig
Assistive Listening
Wheelchair accessible