The Thief of Bagdad

Saturday, August 22 at 2:00pm  |  $10  |

In partnership with the Hollywood Theatre, the Columbia River Theatre Organ Society presents silent cinema’s greatest adventure hero: Douglas Fairbanks!

Highlighted by majestic set design by William Cameron Menzies, this awe-inspiring jaunt through exotic Arabia follows a young thief who faces supernatural challenges to win the heart of his beloved princess.  A spectacular accomplishment in production design and special effects, Raoul Walsh's THE THIEF OF BAGDAD is a bold Arabian adventure starring Douglas Fairbanks as a carefree pickpocket who turns his appealing brand of mischievous thievery toward the attainment of happiness... and an exotic princess (Julanne Johnston). The only way he can win either is by retrieving the rarest treasures hidden within the mysterious Orient, a quest that grows more fantastic with every passing thrill, as the tenacious thief rises high above the city on a magic carpet, battles a fire-breathing dragon in caverns of flame and soars into the clouds on the back of a winged steed via innovative special effects. Also starring in a supporting role, Chinese-American actress, Anna May Wong as a treacherous Mongol slave.

This is the definitive edition of Fairbanks's classic, digitally mastered from a 35mm archive negative.

Live organ accompaniment by Donna Parker.



Saturday, August 22